isūnzu (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
1. topknot, bit of hair on top of head, hair tuft, 2. bunch of grass at top of hut, 3. crest of birds
bunch    (of flowers) umukama w'amashurwe
(plants) umukama, umuganda, umupfungo, agatekero
(of grass at top of hut) isūnzu
En-En dictionary 
crest    (of bird) urugaragara, isūnzu
En-En dictionary 
hair    (of baby) imvanda
(bit on top of head) isūnzu
(of human head) umushatsi
(except of human head) ubwōya
(one) urwōya
(pubic) inzya
(hair line) amasoso
(long with mud in it) ubusage
(tan in color, goats) umufumbēre
(white from old age) imvi, uruvi
(to cut) kumwa
(to dampen before cutting) kuvubika
(to have long) guhīmbira
(to have shaved off) kwīkemūra
(to let grow long) gutongoza
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hut    (bunch of grass at top) isūnzu
(wood of) umugānda
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topknot    isūnzu
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