inkūka (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. slope of hill, 2. beach, shore, strand, coast, 3. ransom, redemption price
 inkuka : Prefixless Present 2.class plural with 1.class 1.pers. sg. object of:
gukuka (-kutse)   v    to rise, to swell (of anything containing leaven)
hill    umusozi, umudūgo, umutumba
(brow of) igikombe
(of earth, to plant in) iburi
(slope of) inkūka, akamanuko, umurwa
(top of) impīnga
(little hills) ubutumba
(very big ~) igisozi
(white ant hill) umugina
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price    igicīro, ikiguzi
(purchase price) ikiguzi
(redemption ~) ingorore, inkūka
(to ask very high ~) kuzimba
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ransom    incūngu, inkūka
(to ~) gucūngura
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redemption price   ingorore, inkūka
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shore    inkōmbe, inkūka
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slope    inkingu
(of hill) inkūka, akamanuko, umurwa
(steep) agahanamo
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