ijāmbo (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
1. word, 2. term, (pl. also amagambo), 3. good discursive condition
gupfunya ijambo   phr    to be concise
gukūrwakw ijambo     phr    1. to be teachable, 2. willing to be admonished
ijūnja n’ijambo   phr    physical strength and discursive force, eloquence (description of a strong and eloquent person, two characteristics allegedly rarely going together)
amagambo  5    1. words, 2. terms, 3. vocabulary (sg. ijambo)
admonish    (to) guhanūra
(be willing to be admonished) gukūrwakw ijambo
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teachable    (to be) gukūrwaka ijambo
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word    ijāmbo, amajāmbo, amagambo
(root or stem) itsina
(one who speaks with senseless repititions of ~) ikirogorogo
(to not keep one's ~, or to do that which you declared you wouldn't) kwīrahuruza
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condition    (state, shape) ukumererwa, ubumere
(good discursive ~) ijāmbo
(good physical ~) ijūnja
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concise    (to be) gupfunya ijambo
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eloquence    imvugo
(paired with physical strength, seen as rare characteristic) ijūnja n’ijambo
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 ijambo found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 18   Class 5 i–, ama–
lesson 20   Review 11 - 19
lesson 53   Past Verb Endings
lesson 54   Ordinary Past Tense II
lesson 76   Possessive Adjectives I
lesson 117   Ka Tense
lesson 120   Miscellaneous Expressions
 ijambo found in: Kirundi II (Grammar)
chapter 65   –mwe for “the same”
 ijambo found in: Imigani (tales)
Umugani 43   Ikwa ry'umwami
 ijambo found in: Imyibutsa (proverbs)
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