gutoboka (-tobotse)     v    to get a hole in
hole    (deep ~ in ground in grassy place) igihuma
(for planting beans) ibāngo
(in paper, cloth, container) intoboro, icehere
(in ground) ikuzimu, i kuzimu, ikinogo, icōbo, urwōbo, igishimu
(small ones like rats make) umwōbo, umwēnge
(to get a ~ in) gutoboka
(to ahve ~ from insects) kunyengetērwa
(to make ~) kunyengetēra
(to make ~ in stone) gukorogoshora
(to make a small ~ for setting out tree or plant) gukoba
(to tear a big ~, vi) kumānyuka
(to tie up ~ in sack) gutubika
(to pierce a ~) gutobora
(thing with ~ in it) umwēnge
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