gutētērwa (-tētērewe)     v    1. to be made fun of, 2. to be humiliated, 3. to be speechless with shame or fear, 4. to be disconcerted
 guteterwa : passive of...
gutetera (-teteye)     v    1. to be thoroughly drenched and cold, 2. to be drawn up from cold or being burnt, 3. to dry up and be stiff (food, clothes), 4. to be burnt (of food forgotten), 5. to be very healthy or strong, 6. to be solid, 7. to be dry
gutētera (-tēteye)     v    to bleed to death
gutētera (-tēteye)     v    to be absolutely full to brim
disconcerted    (to be) gutētērwa
En-En dictionary 
make fun   (to ~ of) kunegura, guhema
(to ~ of by recalling good he has lost) gucurīra
(to ~ of, esp. someone in trouble) kwīshinyira
(to be made fun of) gutētērwa
En-En dictionary 
humilated    (to be) gutētērwa
En-En dictionary 
mocked    (to be easily) gutēteka, gutētērwa
En-En dictionary 
speechless    (to be, in defeat, surprise, misfortune) kwūmirwa
(to be with shame or fear) gutētērwa
(to be with surprise or defeat) kujorerwa, kujumarara
(to leave one ~, astound) kujoreza
(to render) kwūmiza
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