gutetera (-teteye)     v    1. to be thoroughly drenched and cold, 2. to be drawn up from cold or being burnt, 3. to dry up and be stiff (food, clothes), 4. to be burnt (of food forgotten), 5. to be very healthy or strong, 6. to be solid, 7. to be dry
gutētera (-tēteye)     v    to bleed to death
gutētera (-tēteye)     v    to be absolutely full to brim
bleed    kuva amaraso
(to death) gutetera
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brim    (of dish, container) imbiga
(to fill to) kunengesēra
(to be full to) gutētera
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burned    (food forgotten) gutetera
(~ over place) umuyōnga
En-En dictionary 
chilled    (to be) gutetera, gutīmba
En-En dictionary 
cold    –bisi
(in chest) agaherēra
(in head) agahiri, akamango, akamangu,
(cough) inkorora
(common cold, flu) ibicurane
(weather) imbeho, ubukonje
(weather, severe) igikonyozi
(to be) gukōnja, gukanya, gutīmba
(to be drawn up from ~) gutetera
En-En dictionary 
death    urupfu, impfīro
(point of) impfīro
(to announce ~ of someone) kubika
(to be near ~) gutāmbūra
(to bleed to ~) gutetera
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drawn    (to be ~ to) kugomwa
(up, from cold or being burned) gutetera
En-En dictionary 
drenched    (to be) kunyāgirwa
(to be thoroughly ~ and cold) gutetera
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dry    (vi) kwūma,
(vt) kwūmūtsa, kwūmya
(in sun or near fire) kumūkishirīza
(to be) kugaduka
(to become) gukanyuruka, kwūmūka
(to become too ~ while cooking) kuyēnga
(to put food in sun to ~) gukavya
(to put near fire to ~) gutara
(up) kugaduka, kugangara, gukaba, gukama, gukamya
(up and be stiff, clothes or food) gutetera
(up, breasts) gucūka
En-En dictionary 
full    (to be) kwūzura
(to be absolutely ~ to brim) gutētera
(to be almost, waterpot) gucagatira
(to overflowing) kubōga, kubōgabōga
(too full) gufunereza
(having eaten, or full of air) kubobōka
En-En dictionary 
healthy    (child, about 4 months) ikibunduguru
(plant, person) itōto
(to be) kunōnōka, gukira
(to be very, strong) gutetera
En-En dictionary 
solid    (to be) gukomera, gutetera
En-En dictionary 
stiff    (to be from drying up, clothes, food) gutetera
En-En dictionary 
strong    (person) umunyenkomezi
(something which appears to be ~, but is weak) igihōmbe
(to be) guhāngama, gukomera, kurema, kurama, kunōnōka
(to be very) gutetera, gushikama
(to make) gukomeza
(to make very) gushikama
(to remain) gushikama
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