gutāmba (-tāmvye)     v    to dance (see also kwītāmba)
gutāmbana (-tāmbanye)     v    to dance together
kwītāmba ku muvyimba (-ītāmvye)     phr    1. to make it hard for one who has lost a loved one by reproaching the dead one, 2. to make light of serious things, 3. to gloat over (reference to death) (from gutāmba)
dance    (to ~) gutāmba, guhamiriza
(parade dancing as traditional warriors) kwīyereka
(~ to music) kuvyina
(to cause to ~) kuvyinisha
(to ~ in honor of) kuvyinira, gutambira
(to ~ together) gutambana
(in honor of Kiranga) kubāndwa
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