gukōbwa (-kowe)  v     to be paid for marriage
 gukobwa : passive of...
gukoba (-vye)  v     1. to make a litle hole in ground for planting a tree or plant, 2. to dig up sweet potato with fingers, dig as chicken does, 3. to strip one of his clothing
gukōba (-vye)  v     to draw up, roll up (vi), (e.g. a skin that's been wet)
dowry    (price) inkwāno
(to have dowry paid for) gukōbwa
(to pay) gukwa
(to receive) gukwērwa
marriage    (wedding) ubukwe
(go-between for) umureshi
(to act as a go-between) kuresha
(to be accompanied to, as bride is) gushingīrwa
(to be attendant for) gushingīra
(to be paid for, for ~) gukōbwa
(to go to a wedding feast) gutāha ubukwe
(to take marriage vows) kuragana
paid    (to be paid for, for marriage) gukōbwa