gukanya (-kanye)     v    1. to be cold, 2. to be damp
gukānya (-kānye)     v    1. to wring out, squeeze, 2. to twist
 gukanya : Narrative Tense 9.class sing. of:
kunya (-neye)     v    to defecate, to do a pooh, to excrete, to have a bowel movement
cold    –bisi
(in chest) agaherēra
(in head) agahiri, akamango, akamangu,
(cough) inkorora
(common cold, flu) ibicurane
(weather) imbeho, ubukonje
(weather, severe) igikonyozi
(to be) gukōnja, gukanya, gutīmba
(to be drawn up from ~) gutetera
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damp    (place ~, but not swamp) ikinyōta
(to be) gukanya, gutīmba
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squeeze    gukānya
(juice from bananas) kugana, kuvuguta
(juice to last drop) gukanyūra
(out seed of fruit) gufyura
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twist    gukānya, guhotora
(as arm, rope, etc.) guhīnga
(fibers in making rope, thread) kudandikanya
(one's foot) guhinyagara
(to wriggle and ~) kwīnyuguta
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wring out   gukānya, guhotora
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 gukanya found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 64   Stative Voice