guhinyuza (-hinyuje)     v    1. to check over a thing, 2. to prove, give proof, 3. to convince, 4. to verify, 5. to condemn, 6. to disgrace, 7. to speak truth, 8. to divine
check    (to ~ over a thing) guhinyuza
(cheque) isheki
(bad ~) isheki idakwije amahera
(checkbook) agatabo k'amasheki
En-En dictionary 
condemn    guhinyuza, gutsīndanīsha
En-En dictionary 
convince    kwemeza, gutururuza, guhinyuza
(to be convinced, after proof or persuasion) gushirwa
En-En dictionary 
divine    guhinyuza, gupfīndūra, kuragura, kuvōvōta
(to have a witch doctor divine) kuraguza
(one who divines) umuraguzi
En-En dictionary 
prove    kwāgiriza, kwerekana, guhinyuza, kujījūra
(that a drink is not poisoned) kurogoza
(to one that he's wrong) kujīnjibura
(a prove) icemezo
En-En dictionary 
speak    (speaking evil of another with whom you work) ikēba
(one who speaks with senseless repititions of words) ikirogorogo
(all speaking together) imvugarimwe
(to ~) kuvuga
(against) guhāririza
(carelessly) gufudika
(clearly) gufobōra, gutobekeranya
(distinctly) gutobora
(distinctly, not having been able to before) gutumbūra
(evil of one another) gucurikanya
(evil of) gukana, kunegura
(evil of the king) kurogota
(evil of a ruler) kuyoba
(fearlessly) kwūbahuka
(foolishly) kudebagura
(hatefully) gucobogoza
(hesitantlyusually used in negative) guhengēshanya
(in a mysterious language) gufobeka
(incoherently) kuvōvōta
(in someone's favor) gutēturura
(lightly) kujajura
(loudly) kurangurura, kurandamuka
(many words, usually quite meaningless ones) guhogōmboka
(sarcastically) kurtyekeza
(the truth) guhinyuza
(thoughtlessly) kurandamuka
(unwisely or rudely) kurofokwa
(very beseechingly) kubobōteza
(when one shouldn't) kuyogora
(where others hear voices but do not understand) guhwirima
(without arriving at point) kurerembuza
(to cause to) kuvuza
(to leave off speaking evil and speak kindly) kwigarura
(to prevent from speaking) guhwāmika
(give gift to bride so she will ~) guhorōra
(refuse to speak till given gift, as bride does) guhorōrwa
En-En dictionary 
truth    ukuri, impamo
(to hide the ~) kwīyobagiza
(to make one tell the ~) kurahuruza
(to speak the ~) guhinyuza
(to tell the whole ~, without hiding a thing) kwātagura
(someone speaking the ~) imvugakuri
En-En dictionary 
verify    guhinyuza
(what one has heard by asking many) gushīshōza
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disgrace    (to ~) guhinyuza
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