guherana (-heranye)     v    to receive a loan and then not pay back
 guherana : possible reciprocative of...
guhera (-heze)     v    1. to finish (vi), come to an end, 2. to grind badly, coarsely, 3. to perish, to be dying
guhēra (-hēreye)     v    1. to begin from, by, 2. to recompense, 3. give to, (prepositional form of guha)
debt    umwēnda, ideni
(payment of) inyīshu
(to be in ~, but refuse to pay) guherana, kurīrīra
(to pay a ~) kwīshura
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loan    (to receive and then not pay back ~) guherana
(to refuse to pay ~) guheranira
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receive    (to) kwābīra, kwākīra, kurōnka
(back security) kugwatūra
(from someone's hands) kwēnda
(in one's hands) kwābīra
(loan and then not pay back) guherana
(more) kurushiriza
(physically) gutēga
(presents) gushikirwa
(something as a gift or loan and repay reluctantly and late) guhasha
(place to receive money or other things) iyakīriro
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