guhangana (-hanganye)     v    1. to be facing each other, be directly in front of, 2. stare at one another
 guhangana : possible conjugation of:
kungana (-nganye)     v    1. to be equal, 2. to be the same, 3. to be so many
 guhangana : possible reciprocative of...
guhānga (-hānze)     v    1. to contemplate, 2. to invent
directly    (to be in front) guhangana
En-En dictionary 
face    amaso, mu maso
(in his face) mu maso hiwe
(to be facing each other) guhangana
(to make a ~ over something that tastes bad) kunyinyirwa
(to put one's ~ in one's hands in deep thought) kwitangira itama
(~ to ~) ubwāmāso, imbonankubone
(showing disapproval on one's ~) ibitsingotsingo
En-En dictionary 
front    (in ~ of) imbere
(to be directly in) guhangana, gutūmbēra
En-En dictionary 
stare    (at) gufyura amāso, guhānga amāso, gukanaguza
(at one another) guhangana
(at without seeing) guturumbura, gutumbagura
(to get left behind as you ~ at something) kurāngāra
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