guhāngama (-hāngamye)     v    1. to be strong, 2. to have authority (esp. of kings or revered person), 3. pay homage to a king
authority    ububwīriza, ubugabe, ubugabo, ingānji, ubutwāre
(to have, esp. kings or revered person) guhāngama
(to rebel against) kumēnja
(to take on oneself) kurēngera
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homage    (to pay to) guhōngera, guhāngama, gushengera, gushengerera
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strong    (person) umunyenkomezi
(something which appears to be ~, but is weak) igihōmbe
(to be) guhāngama, gukomera, kurema, kurama, kunōnōka
(to be very) gutetera, gushikama
(to make) gukomeza
(to make very) gushikama
(to remain) gushikama
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