guhānga (-nze)  v     to contemplate
guhānga amaso (-nze)  phr     to stare at
guhangana (-nye)  v     1. to be facing each other, be directly in front of, 2. stare at one another
guhangāra (-ye)  v     1. to be brave, fearless, 2. to be firm, 3. to confront
guhāngama (-mye)  v     1. to be strong, 2. to have authority (esp. of kings or revered person), 3. pay homage to a king
guhāngāza (-je)  v     1. to close entrance with branches, 2. to defend, protect (old meaning), 3. to be almost time to do something
guhanganya (-nije)  v     to place facing each other
guhāngāza ukuboko (-je)  phr     to hold out arms to receive something
authority    ububwīriza, ubugabe, ubugabo, ingānji, ubutwāre
(to have, esp. kings or revered person) guhāngama
(to rebel against) kumēnja
(to take on oneself) kurēngera
brave    (to be) guhangāra, kurema, gushira amanga
close    (to) gufunga (Sw.), gukīnga, gukīngiriza, kurumya, kwūgara
(doors of royal place) kujīsha
(entrance with branches) guhāngāza
(hands together) gufumbata
(one's eyes) guhumiriza
(path) gutangīra
(to make another to ~ his eyes) kwūnamika
(up completely) guhindira
(to get close together) kwegerana
(to put things or people ~ together) kwegeranya
contemplate    guhānga, kwīhweza, kwītegereza
defend    guhāngāza, gutēturura, kuvuna
(another) gukīmbūka
(oneself, take case to chief) kubūranya, kwīkirānura
(to have 2 methods of defending oeself but use one you hadn't planned on) gutēgekanya
directly    (to be in front) guhangana
doorway    umuryāngo
(to close ~ with branches) guhāngāza
face    amaso, mu maso
(in his face) mu maso hiwe
(to be facing each other) guhangana
(to make a ~ over something that tastes bad) kunyinyirwa
(to put one's ~ in one's hands in deep thought) kwitangira itama
(~ to ~) ubwāmāso, imbonankubone
(showing disapproval on one's ~) ibitsingotsingo
fearless    (to be) guhangāra, kurīndūka, gushirukanya, gushira amanga, gutīnyūka
firm    (to be) guhangāra
(to make) kugumya
front    (in ~ of) imbere
(to be directly in) guhangana, gutūmbēra
hold    gufata
(fast to) kugumiriza
(from falling) gusama
(hard feelings) kwīdōga
(in place) kugumya
(lightly) kwānjānjwa
(out) kubangira
(out arms to receive) guhāngāza ukuboko
(of rope, vi) kudādira
(strongly) gushimika
(take hold of persons) gushorerakw amaboko
(to) kwūmira
(up) gushigirika
homage    (to pay to) guhōngera, guhāngama, gushengera, gushengerera
protect    (to) kubūngabūnga, guhāngāza, gukīnga, gutūnga, kuzigama
(oneself) kwīrinda
stare    (at) gufyura amāso, guhānga amāso, gukanaguza
(at one another) guhangana
(at without seeing) guturumbura, gutumbagura
(to get left behind as you ~ at something) kurāngāra
strong    (person) umunyenkomezi
(something which appears to be ~, but is weak) igihōmbe
(to be) guhāngama, gukomera, kurema, kurama, kunōnōka
(to be very) gutetera, gushikama
(to make) gukomeza
(to make very) gushikama
(to remain) gushikama
confront    (to) guhangāra