gucānira (-cāniye)     v    1. to keep a fire going, 2. to make fire for (for someone or cows etc.)
fire    umuriro
(bit of) umucānwa
(built for cows) icōtero
(made in enclosure for animals) igicāniro
(to blow the) kwātsa
(to destroy by) kuyigiza
(to extinguish) kuzimya
(to go out) kuzima
(to keep ~ going) gucānira
(to light) kudomeka
(to make, start, build) gucāna, gukongereza
(to put out) kuzimya
(to put wood on ~) gukomānya
(to set ~ to) guturira
(to fire from job, dismiss, throw out of house) kwirukana
(altar fire) igicāniro
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keep    kugumya
(a fire going) gucānira
(for the night) kurāza
(law) kwītōndera
(things for oneself) kwīgūnga
(too long) gutebana
(not ~ one's wordto do that which one has declared he would not do) kwīrahuruza
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