forbid    (to) kwāmira, kwīhaniza, kuziza, kuvuna, kubuza
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kuziza (-zize)   v    to forbid (because you don't want him to get along well), to harm or kill because of revenge
kuvuna (-vunnye)   v    1. to break (vt) (bone, or any slender thing), 2. to defend, help, assist, 3. to forbid
ikizira (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
forbidden thing, taboo
kubuza (-bujije)     v    1. to hinder, prevent, suppress, 2. to forbid, to prohibit
kuzira (-zize)   v    1. to be forbidden, taboo, to refuse to eat, to despise, 2. to be punished for someone else's wrong doing, to suffer or be punished because of a certain thing, 3. to avenge wrong done to one's family
kwāmira (-āmiye)     v    1. to forbid, 2. chase away with shouts
kwīhaniza (-īhanije)     v    1. to forbid, 2. warn against
forbidden    (to be) kuzira
(thing) ikizira
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