exhausted    (to be) gucobogora, gukenyukirwa, gusāba, kurangira
(utterly worn out by hard work) gutama
En-En dictionary 
gusāba (-sāvye)     v    1. to scatter, burst, disperse (vi), 2. crack, break in two (all of these because container is too full), 3. to be exhausted
gukenyukirwa (-kenyukiriwe)     v    to be exhausted, attempt something beyond one's strength
gutama (-tamye)     v    1. to be utterly worn out, to be exhausted, 2. to labor hard, to overwork
kurangira (-rangiye)     v    to be finished, to be exhausted, to finish (vi)
 exhausted found in: Kirundi II (Grammar)
chapter 74   bo as a Causative