divine    guhinyuza, gupfīndūra, kuragura, kuvōvōta
(to have a witch doctor divine) kuraguza
(one who divines) umuraguzi
En-En dictionary 
guhinyuza (-hinyuje)     v    1. to check over a thing, 2. to prove, give proof, 3. to convince, 4. to verify, 5. to condemn, 6. to disgrace, 7. to speak truth, 8. to divine
kuvōvōta (-vōvōse)   v    1. to talk nonsense when drunk, to say a lot of slanderous talk, 2. to speak incoherently, 3. to rain early in morning or for a long time, 4. to give oneself to the service of Kiranga (also kubāndwa), 5. to divine
agatēte (udu-)     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
1. pieces of a certain kind of grass used for weaving, 2. bits of things used by witch doctor to divine
kuragurira (-raguriye)     v    to divine at, for
witch doctor   umupfumu
(certain kind) umumago
(to have him bewitch someone) kuraguza
(to have him divine) kuraguza
(to seek out evil doers) kuragura
(to take out objects from the body) guhura
(bits of things used for divining) agatēte
(stones, etc. which he claims to take from swollen places on body) umutundiro
En-En dictionary 
gupfīndūra (-pfīndūye)     v    1. to guess, 2. to divine, 3. to solve riddle
kuragura (-raguye)     v    1. to divine, 2. bewitch, 3. seek to know doer of evil (as witch doctor does), 4. to be a mind reader
kuraguza (-raguje)     v    to have witch doctor bewitch another, to have witch doctor to divine, find who did evil
umuraguzi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
one who bewitches or divines