calm    ubutēkānyi
(to ~) guhorereza, guhoza, guhwāmika
(to be) kwītōnda
(to become) guhora, guhūmura
En-En dictionary 
guhora (-hoze)     v    1. to cool (food or liquid) (vi), 2. to always do, continue, be eternal, 3. to be silent, become calm
guhoza (-hojeje)     v    1. to cause to cool, to calm down, 2. to appease, 3. to console, comfort, reassure
guhorereza (-horereje)     v    1. to appease, calm, 2. to silence
guhūmura (-hūmuye)     v    1. to become calm, 2. to recover from fear or anger, 3. to be old but still strong
guhwāmika (-hwāmitse)     v    1. to put down, 2. prevent from speaking, 3. to calm, appease
inka n’imirima   phr    a cow in the field (description of a calm, composed and serene person)
kwītōnda (-ītōnze)     v    1. to be careful, 2. to be calm, 3. to not be in a hurry
ubutēkānyi     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) peace, calm, quiet