birabaye : Immediate Past 4.class plural of:
kuba (-baye)     v    1. to be, 2. to become, 3. to live
habaye iki? what happened?
uzoba ukoze thanks in advance
 birabaye : Immediate Past 4.class plural with 1.class 2.pers. pl. object of:
kwāya (-āye)     v    1. to waste, 2. to consume uselessly
birabāye   excl    it's enough! (from kuba)
enough    (to be) gukwīra
(to be more than ~) gucāguka
(to be ~ for) gukwīrana
(to have) gukwīrwa
(it's ~) birabāye, karabāye, birakwīye
(it's ~, as salt or medicine in something else) gukora
(that's enough, it's fine) basi!
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