attached   adhere    kumata
(to) kwōma
En-En dictionary 
female    (suffix attached to moun) -kazi, e.g. imbwakazi
En-En dictionary 
kumata (-mase)     v    1. to stick together (vi), 2. to adhere, to become attached, 3. cleave to
 attached found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 22   Infinitive and Imperative
lesson 68   Negative Imperative and Subjunctive
lesson 103   Reflexive Verbs
lesson 115   Prepositional Suffixes
lesson 120   Miscellaneous Expressions
lesson 125   Review 111 - 124
 attached found in: Kirundi II (Grammar)
chapter 34   kwama, guhora – “to always...”
chapter 63   nya– as Prefix