amagambo  5     1. words, 2. terms, 3. vocabulary (sg. ijambo)
kamaramagāmbo     1     1. judge with final decision, 2. influential older man
influential    (older man) kamaramagambo
judge    umucamānza, umucamatēka
(with final decision) kamaramagāmbo
word    ijāmbo, amajāmbo, amagambo
(root or stem) itsina
(one who speaks with senseless repititions of ~) ikirogorogo
(to not keep one's ~, or to do that which you declared you wouldn't) kwīrahuruza
vocabulary    amagambo, amajāmbo
 amagambo found in: Imyibutsa (proverbs)
Umwibutsa 91   Amagambo menshi mabi arutwa...