akaramata     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
(no pl.) 1. sticking together, 2. strong ever-lasting love, 3. forever
 akaramata : Narrative Tense 3. pers. sing. of:
kuramata (-ramase)     v    to seige, attach oneself to
 akaramata : Prefixless Present 3. pers. sing. with 7.class sg. object of:
kuramata (-ramase)     v    to seige, attach oneself to
everlasting    (to be ~) guhoraho
(~ love) akaramata
En-En dictionary 
love    urukūndo
(strong, everlasting) akaramata
(end of loving another) agahararo
(one who loves) umukūnzi
(to fall in ~) kubēnguka
En-En dictionary 
sticking together   akaramata
En-En dictionary 
together    hamwe
(all) icārimwe
(living) umubāno
(all speaking) imvugarimwe
(with) kumwe
(sticking) akaramata
(trees grown very close ~) impatane
(to be) kumana
(to bring) gukoranya, gutēranya
(to come, as crowd) gukungēra
(to come all ~, suddenly, as at call of trouble) kurandamuka
(to crowd ~) kwegerana
(to get close) kwegerana
(to go ~ to see something, of many people) gukōndōrera
(to live) kubāna
(to live, be always) kwāmana
(to meet) gukorana, gutērana
(to cause to meet) gukoranya, gutēranya, guhūza
(to put) kwegeraniriza, guhūza
(to put things or people close ~) kwegeranya
(to spend time) kumarana
(to stick, vi) gufatana, kumata
(to stick, vt) gufatanya, kumatanya
(to strive and crowd) kuvurungana
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